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twiceD Technology & Sales GmbH

twiceD Technology & Sales GmbH
Am Neugraben 3
79117 Freiburg

Tel: +4976645050608

Homepage: https://twiced.de
Herr Daniel Deusing

Anbieter: twiceD Technology & Sales GmbH

Schwerpunkt des Unternehmens
Software und Datenverarbeitung

Beschreibung des Unternehmens
Started as an engineering office back in 1999 the company was founded in 2018 as a result of high demand.

We are based in Germany with actually three offices in the west and the south. Our main area is developing software for business logic and user interfaces. With our partners we are able to realise complete solutions from creating housings, designing & preparing PCBs, developing custom operating system plus drivers and building high level software applications locally and/or distributed.

On top of this we also offer marketing and sales of realised products.

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